Learning Narration–From April 2023 Newsletter

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Right now, I’m learning how to do something I’ve never tried before, or even seriously considered doing—myself, that is. I am learning how to create and

narrate audiobooks. Learning and doing, actually.

If you’re shocked to hear that–well, so am I!😊 I’m a little nervous too. But I’m also excited and feeling a hopeful sort-of confidence that I can do it.

About a year ago, I told you that I’d taken a class by Becca Syme at the Storymakers Conference. In that class, she encouraged us to take the Clifton Strengths Assessment. So, after the conference, I did exactly that. From it, I learned that Learning is one of my strongest strengths.

Yeah, I’ve always been able to do well in school. But since I found out that I actually have the “Learner” strength, and since I later heard from other authors about how their strengths have helped them in their careers, I now feel confident in knowing that I can likewise use my strengths to help me in my career, as well as in the other parts of my life

Which means, I can learn whatever I want to learn.

Don’t get me wrong. Some things are definitely easier for me learn than others are. For instance, the narration part of my new adventure is quite challenging for me, partly because of my innate shyness. It might even take me longer than I want it to.

But I know I can learn it, at least to some degree.

So now, when I come across things I want/need to do but don’t know how to do, I tell myself to at least check into it. More often than not, I find that I can learn it.

So I do. 

One of the reasons I’m telling you this is because I want to encourage you to recognize and use your strengths. We can all do so many things we never realized we could do. We can all make our world and lives much better.

But I digress. . . 

Now–as I said–I’m learning how to create audiobooks. And A Murderous Charade will be my first one. That by itself seems like something I should celebrate, don’t you think? Maybe with chocolate??????